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Website Service, Care & Maintenance

Your website needs continual attention and support so you can focus on your business and do what you do best. We offer top quality hands-on support with a full support desk to take care of all your website needs.

Once you build your website you are done with it, RIGHT?

Unfortunately, that is far from the case. Website maintenance requires updates to (1) website code, plugins, security, framework to reduce bugs and hacking, and (2) website content to stay relevant and up-to-date for your audience.

Whether you need a little help maintaining your website or just want it taken care of it for you, we have a package for every need. Regular updates help keep your website secure from hacking attacks and ensure that customers can always find information about your business. Your website is your 24/7 advertisement and marketing tool and what it says a lot about your business, both through first impressions such as professionalism, as well as speed and technical errors on your site.


Are you keeping your WordPress website protected?

Download my free guide to understand how to keep your website safe and learn about the regular maintenance that your website needs to stay secure.

Your website is critical to your business – are you taking care of it?

As one of the most important assets in your business, it’s vital that you keep your website updated, protected and online.

If your website is offline or has a major issue, this will affect your revenue and your customers.

It’s important to be vigilant in today’s modern world as the average website will have automated attacks looking for weaknesses, multiple times per day.

Our free guide will help you to put together a clear plan for your website, help you understand the importance of security and give you better peace of mind.


Learn why backups and a disaster recovery plan are vital for your business
Understand why you should never give our your main passwords to third parties
Put together a website maintenance schedule that helps you and your employees
See why it’s important to choose a good web hosting company for your website
Learn what happened to one business owner who neglected his website

What I offer

My monthly website support plans, called “Maintenance Plans” or “Care Plans” offer you peace of mind that every month I will be on hand, rain or shine, to update your website, monitor it’s uptime and security, tweak its performance issues, and respond to requests from you and your team to edit, improve or fix unforeseen and timely issues.

Peace of Mind

Your website will run the latest version without conflicts.

Experienced Website Professional

Customizations, HTML, CSS. We have a full team to support you and your needs

Support Desk

You can email with a quick turnaround of 1-2 business days.



To additional web design and development services. Priority goes to clients on a Care Plan

Peace of Mind About Your Website 

Hacked Websites

Satisfied Clients


Hours Saved

What Are Your Options? 


No Content Updates

100% Peace of Mind that your website is taken care of with security updates, malware removal, & backups, but no content updates.

  • Overages on time will be billed monthly at our discounted hourly rate ($90/hour for maintenance clients vs. $150/hour for non-maintenance clients)

*Best for static, marketing, brochure websites without any monthly changes


1 Hour of Content Updates

Minor tech support and minor updates to content are usually limited to tasks

  • Total of 1 hour maximum per month
  • Overages on time will be billed monthly at our discounted hourly rate ($90/hour for maintenance clients)

*Minimum Required Plan for online stores, membership, monthly blog updates, online courses and advanced functionality sites


2 Hours of Content Updates

Extended tech support and updates to content are usually tasks that

  • Total 2 hours maximum per month
  • Overages on time will be billed monthly at our discounted hourly rate ($90/hour for maintenance clients)

*Best Value if you have products that update frequently, write a weekly blog post, offer events and training, share an online calendar or other variable business events

Benefits of Website Maintenance Plans:

  • Access to an experienced web team without the salary
  • Peace of mind website is being monitored
  • Peace of mind website is kept up-to-date
  • Peace of mind knowing who is working on your website
  • Resource for questions, advice, and training
  • Discounted hourly rate for editing content
  • Ability to grow your web presence
  • Ability to contract for extra development and design
  • Support desk one email away
  • A live person manually reviewing your website
  • A US-based pro you can talk too (or meet in-person if you are located within 1 hour of Fresno, California or happen to be where I am living in the summer!)

Kind Words from my Lovely Clients

“I feel relieved and like I have the tech support I need. I can let go of some of my fears concerning my business. I feel free.”

Happy Website Maintenance Client Since 2018

Jeanette Goulart

Online Abstract Art Teacher, J. Goulart Art

“I would not have been able to move forward with my new business of online courses without Ashley’s expertise.

I have never had a virtual assistant before and I didn’t think I would like it. But I have found Ashley to be more efficient than my previous in person assistants.

I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone!”

Happy Website Maintenance Client Since 2020

Debbie McGrann

Founder, My Real Estate Academy

Ashley has brought peace of mind to my organization and alleviated worry about not being up to date on our website.  I now am confident we are up to date and reaching more people with accurate information. You care about what we felt was important. You were able to make changes that made our website POP!

Happy Website Maintenance Client Since 2020

Tammy Wolfe

President, Sanger Chamber of Commerce

“It has been a pleasure working with you on developing my website. Your website design and development skills are top notch. You created a very user-friendly website for my customers. I didn’t have any worries. I would recommend your services any day. You have very good ideas for my website and my business.”

Happy Website Maintenance Client Since 2018

Seth Chastain

Owner, Central Valley Bulk Materials Inc.

“Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it . . . Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine.”

– David Ogilvy, advertising executive

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