Welcome, Emilee Hudson!!

I’m so excited to work with you on your new website! This dashboard outlines all the important details like how to send me files, provide feedback, and schedule calls.

Please read through it carefully and let me know if you have any questions!


Communication Guidelines

I work Monday-Thursday from 8am to 4pm Pacific Standard Time.
During your project we will primarily use email to communicate. This helps me keep everything organized and in one place.

Please start a new thread for each question.

I do my best to reply to all communication regarding active projects the same day (during my office hours). If you’d like to chat via Zoom/phone, you can schedule an appointment.

Scheduling calls keeps my work from being interrupted and allows me to focus on your project!

Onboarding Form

Before we begin, I’ll need you to fill out a strategy questionnaire so that I can nail your design.

Once you’re finished, I will get an email letting me know that you have completed it so I can look it over.



A sitemap can be an effective planning tool for both designers and non-designers alike. It’s a centralized planning tool that can help organize and clarify the content that needs to be on your site, as well as help you eliminate unnecessary pages.


To build your website properly, I’ll need your content before we begin. This includes text copy and any images you wish to use. All text and images should be final and ready to become part of the website. Keep in mind that you will be able to change text and images on your website once it is in development mode.

Written Content

This is where you will start supplying me with the copy for your website. Your content needs to be provided to me in the Google Doc(s) provided to you. You can access the Doc(s) using the button below. They will automatically save as you work on them. Inside these documents, you can supply me with the text you want to use on each page. These documents are collaborative so I may put some notes or suggestions in there for you along the way.

Notice: When you’re finished, or if you need any help, please notify me via email. Remember, while I don’t write content for my clients, I am more than happy to help you, give you feedback, or coach you through the process—I’ve done it a lot!

Although I can access these files, I won’t be automatically notified when you use them so let me know if you need help.

If you do not complete the copy documents by this date, we can either work together on Zoom for $150/hour, you can hire a copywriter, or I can hire a copywriter for you.

Written Content Deadline: 03/01/2023

Your content should include

Write to your audience
Avoid industry terms & jargon
Maximum 4 sentences per paragraph
Don’t overuse “I”, “We”, or “Us”
Turn features into benefits
Remember your customer’s problem
Provide solutions
Direct your visitor to take action

Easy Guide to Website Copy

Make sure you’re clear on your ideal visitor, the action they should take, and the key impression or feeling you want to convey before you begin writing your content. I am sharing a little video from a colleague that will give you a bunch of pointers and ways you can write better copy faster.

If you still find yourself stuck, go back and look at the sites you put in your questionnaire as ones you liked. How did they structure their content? What things did they write about? You may be able to look at those and draw inspiration from the kinds of content they have.

It’s also useful to look at other things you might have already created, like brochures, flyers, or any other kind of existing marketing material. You might already have some content done!

Content Example

See a completed Google Doc with all the content for a web page filled in. This is just meant to give you an idea of what the content will look like in the Google Doc format.


Images & Graphics


To supply me with all of your images, graphics (or even video!) you’ll need to upload those assets to our Dropbox account (link in the button below). Simply upload files from your computer to the drive! Please upload all images in as high-resolution and high-quality as you can. I will edit them appropriately for the website.

Notice: When you’re finished, or if you need any help, please notify me via email. I can access this folder, but won’t be automatically notified when you use it.


How to Use Feedback Tool


How many revisions do I get?

This information is outlined in your contract! If you don’t have it handy, let me know and I’ll re-send it to you.

What if I need to change the timeline?

If the project goes past the date that we discussed, I will need to charge extra as I have other clients waiting to start their projects, so let’s not let that happen!

What if I need to add other elements to the website after the completion of the sitemap/development begins?

I know. You want everything, but if this is something that we didn’t quote for it or include it in the contract, we will need to figure out the additional cost and add it to the next invoice and adjust the timeline accordingly.

Where can I find more information regarding website maintenance plans?

Here are my website maintenance services and few links to some helpful blog posts.


Do you help with email setup?

Yes, for an additional fee. I can help you set up an email account for you and/or your employees hello@yourdomain.com

Do you help with social media, Google My Business, email listservs, and other online marketing?

Yes, for an additional fee. Here is a link to our social media management page. Please contact me and we can set up a time to chat. Even if you don’t work with me for social media, I highly recommend that you claim the social media profiles with your business name.

Do you help with graphic design, logo design, business card design, etc?

Yes, for an additional fee. Here is a link to our business marketing page. Please contact me and we can set up a time to chat.

Do you help with SEO?

Yes, for an additional fee. Here is a link to our SEO page and a few relevant blog posts. Please contact me and we can set up a time to chat.


Do you help with Pay Per Click (PPC)... aka... Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads?

Yes, for an additional fee. Here is a link to our PPC page. Please contact me and we can set up a time to chat.


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