How to declutter your website menu

by | Feb 28, 2022

While it can seem like a good idea to have as many options available for your visitors when they’re on your website, it can actually push them away. The navigation menu on your website is one of those places that can make the difference between a visitor turning into a customer or not.

I’ve created some steps you can take to simplify your menu so that making the right decision is a breeze for your customers.

Important links only

The number one rule for simplifying your menu is how many options you have. Try to keep important links only in your navigation. Examples of these would be: Services/Products, About, Blog, Contact.

Assign your secondary links

Secondary links should be in the drop-down menu and/or in the footer of the website. Here is an example of secondary links on a drop-down menu.

And how links are displayed in the footer of a website.

Avoid mega menus

You’ve likely come across a mega menu at least once. Mega menus are those large menus that have lots of categories and numerous subcategories beneath each one. They are great for showing every option, but the clutter can put a visitor off, or confuse them into indecision.

Remember every screen

One common mistake that many websites make is not optimizing their menus for different devices. Computers, tablets and phones need to display your menu in a consistent manner, so make sure it’s designed to fit every device. For most of our clients, we like to use a hamburger menu on a phone (see example below). 

Fonts matter

Try your best to avoid “fancy” fonts on your menu. While most menu fonts will usually match your website, it can be tempting to find a more unique typeface that might look very pretty but could be completely illegible to a website visitor. Simple and easy to read is what you should always aim for.

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