How lazy loading speeds up your website

by | Feb 14, 2022

Why website speed is important

Humans are impatient, especially when they’re on the internet. If your web page takes too long to load, your visitor could easily lose interest and click away to another website that’s faster. You want to avoid a slow loading page whenever possible. For a new potential customer, you don’t want their first experience of your brand to be a slow-loading homepage.

What is lazy loading?

Lazy loading is a technique that web designers use to make sure a page loads quickly. It only loads the images at the top of a website above the fold (the visible part of a web page before scrolling down), and then loads the rest as you scroll down.

How does loading work?

Lazy loading holds off on loading an image until it comes into view. To a website visitor, it will look like the image had already loaded by the time they scrolled down to see it. This allows the content on a web page to load faster.

Do I need lazy loading on my website?

Lazy loading can be a great tool to help improve the speed of your website. There’s really no way to tell besides getting into the back end and adding it.

Do you need help adding lazy load to your website?

Did you know that lazy load (and other website updates) could be included in your current website maintenance plan or added for a low monthly fee? Not on a website maintenance plan? Trying to keep up with your website updates on your own?  Contact me today for more information on how to simplify your business by delegating your website maintenance to someone you trust. 

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