Examples of great onboarding email sequences

by | Jan 17, 2022

But first, what is an onboarding sequence? And why is it important? 

An onboarding email sequence is used after someone has made a purchase.

It is very important for every business to have an effective onboarding sequence because this is the first interaction with your customer after they make a purchase. 

The main benefit of an onboarding sequence is how it builds a trusting relationship with a brand new customer.

Every business (large or small) can benefit from having an onboarding sequence. The sequence negates the size of the business since it enables every customer to have a great experience.

Here are some ideas of things to consider when reviewing an onboarding sequence:

Number of emails

How many emails were in the sequence? The number of emails in an onboarding sequence matters, and it affects the customer’s experience. Too many will be overwhelming and too few will have the customer feeling lost. The number will depend on your product. 

Email frequency

How often were the emails received? What was the interval between emails? The frequency of emails is also unique to your business as well as the time between each one. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Better yet, work with a test group of past or loyal customers and see what they need. 

Branded emails

Were the emails branded? Did they have a cohesive feel? You can spot if a business has consistent branding in their emails with the header and footer, as well as the overall feel of the content.

Email topics

Examples of types of topics the onboarding email sequence could feature would be how to access your product (online, will it be mailed, tracking information). Do they need to create an online account or will you be doing that for them? How do they contact you with questions, problems, or if they need more help?

Consider how this content would be helpful to a new customer. Could they easily get more help if needed? 

Language used

Something else to think about is the language used in the email sequence. Was the language written at a level that every customer could understand?


Did the emails feel personalized towards the reader? It is very important for emails to have a personalized approach, which adds to the customers’ overall experience with the brand.

Review request

Did the brand include a request for a review? I cannot stress enough the importance of asking for reviews in an onboarding sequence. This is a golden opportunity for getting positive feedback about your product or service. Just be sure to send it near the end of the sequence so they have time to actually receive and/or use your product. 

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