5 examples of great welcome emails

by | Dec 6, 2021

Welcome emails are an important first step in creating the relationship between you and your customer. They help a new subscriber to understand what is coming next and what benefits they will gain.

We’re going to talk through what makes welcome emails so integral to a customer’s experience with a brand, and why they’re so important for success.

It introduces the brand / individual

Does the email you’re featuring introduce the brand or individual well? This type of thing may occur in a later email so it’s not vitally important for the first message.

Set expectations

The email should clearly set out the expectations that the new subscriber should have and sets the scene for what is to come. Subscribers can also know when they can expect another email from the brand.

Good first impression

Does the email make a great first impression? Does it make the brand memorable? What about this welcome email is instantly engaging for the subscriber, and how could you create something similar?

Deliver value

Does the welcome email deliver instant value to the person reading it? What value is that? 

Reinforces benefits

A welcome email is a perfect chance to reinforce the benefits of a product or service a brand is offering. A good way to do this is by addressing problems or pain points the new customer is experiencing.

Do you need help writing great welcome emails?

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