5 tips for promoting your Black Friday event on social media

by | Oct 18, 2021

We all know about the well known frenzy that comes with Black Friday weekend. People are already hyped for the event before any businesses even announce their deals. This is a wonderful time for a business to pay attention to your social media presence, as it’s the perfect platform to reach your audience about your upcoming offers.

We have added five tips below to help you promote your Black Friday Deals on social media.

1. Tailor your deals to your audience

This might sound obvious, but it’s vital you know what makes your target audience tick if you want to make the most out of Black Friday weekend. A common mistake many businesses make is to simply set up a sale, and assume their customers will jump at a deal.

2. Build anticipation

There is no better place to build hype for an upcoming offer than on your social media pages. Schedule a post or two in the week leading up to Black Friday weekend with a few hints or teasers about the deals they can enjoy.

3. Use effective imagery

Create a sense of anticipation with some exciting imagery of popular products or a service your audience is interested in. Each post is effectively a mini advertisement for a product, so follow the principles of a great image-based ad when you promote your Black Friday deal.

4. Post sparingly

One big mistake many companies make (even the big ones) is to go overboard posting about all the deals and offers that are available. It can be tempting to notify your followers of every single product or service they can grab a bargain on, but in reality, you can end up oversaturating them. Choose a selection of offers, and leave plenty of time between posts to avoid overwhelming potential customers.

5. Communicate

Last but not least, make sure you’re around to answer questions because there will be a lot! People will be responding to your social media posts, looking for more information, so it’s important to set some time aside to keep track of that.

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