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by | Sep 27, 2021

Many business owners are overlooking a great source of revenue from people that they already know, like and trust them – …. DRUM ROLL… their existing customers. It’s too easy to always be looking for new sales or new leads. This is where the majority of advertising budgets are spent. Smart business owners will focus on nurturing relationships with their customers and leading them towards their next purchase.

The way to do that is through post-purchase marketing. Here are some tips to get you moving in a different direction. 

Purchasing experience

It should be obvious, but it’s crucial to make sure the purchasing experience is as pain-free and easy as possible. When a business owner makes sure that their customer has a great experience, it builds confidence and trust. The customer is not only likely to recommend their business to others, but also to make additional purchases in the future.

Post-purchase sequence (offboarding)

Setting up a post-purchase email sequence can be a great way to help a customer to get more out of their purchase. Whether they’ve bought a product or service, a series of emails can deliver value to the new customer. It can also cut down on support or refund requests, as the sequence will answer common questions.

Nurturing relationships

This is a key step and one that every business owner can’t afford to miss. In order to get customers to care and keep a business front of mind, a relationship needs to be built and nurtured. The best way to do this is through email marketing. We have a few blog posts on how to set up email marketing… you can do this… or ask for help. 

Product / Service ladder

Most businesses sell multiple products or services. This often means that there is a product / service ladder in the business. So after a customer has made one purchase, there’s an ideal next product or service to promote to them. If a business doesn’t have a product ladder in place, it might be worth them thinking about this so that they can sell multiple times to a customer.

Positioning the next offer

There are many ways to position the next offer to a customer. This could be done through a back-end platform if they’re using E-Commerce or on a membership website. Alternatively, email automation and email marketing strategies can be very effective. It’s easy to set up marketing campaigns that specifically target customers who have purchased a certain product or service already.

Upsells / Cross-Sells

These work really well for E-Commerce businesses and for people selling digital products. However, you’ll find upsells pretty much anywhere in the world. McDonalds famously always used to ask their customers: “do you want fries with that?”. It’s a perfect example of a simple upsell at the checkout. Think about how you can use upsells in your business.

Remarketing / Retargeting

Here, you’ll be creating ads on a website such as Facebook, that will be displayed to the list of customers that you’ve uploaded to use as a target audience. Remarketing helps a business to sell more to existing customers as it’s much easier when someone already knows, likes and trusts you.

Do you need help to sell more to your existing customers?

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