Who is your website really for?

by | Sep 6, 2021

This topic can be a hard one for many business owners to grasp, particularly if you like to be in charge of everything. The design and content of your website should be focusing on your target audience. It needs to be something that answers the problems that your potential customers face… the same problems that your products / services help with.

We will cover some key points in this post that explain what a business owner should be focusing on with their website.

When is design important?

Design is an important part of a website as it helps to build trust and credibility. A potential customer wants to see a website that looks cared for and creates a sense of trust when they visit. However, they’re not visiting the website so that they can critique the design. They’re looking for answers to their problems. So the content, design and layout of the website should be geared towards this.

The “wrong” blue

It’s okay for a business owner not to like a certain shade of blue on their website. It’s okay for them not to like a particular image. However, they need to gently shift their mindset from “I don’t like this” to “my customer doesn’t like this”. Just because a business owner doesn’t like a shade of blue, doesn’t stop it from being the one that converts best with their customers. This makes testing crucial.

Your customer is the hero of the story

As the hero of the story, customers are visiting the website to get answers to their problems. They need to understand that they’re in the right place, which is why they should be the “hero” in the story. A business owner doesn’t need a website full of “I” or “we”, their audience isn’t going to engage with this. They need to focus on the very basic human question of: what’s in it for me? Get this right and you’ll capture the attention of your audience.

Share social proof

Sharing testimonials, case studies and reviews are a very easy way for any business owner to build trust. When someone is looking to buy, they’re interested in the experiences that others have had. They want to know that they’re buying something that will (hopefully) resolve the problem that they’re struggling with. Web designers can help you understand how to collect and display your reviews and testimonials to their potential customers.

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