Turn Your Ad Into a Scroll Stopper

by | Jul 12, 2021

What is a Scroll Stopper?

A picture/piece of content so interesting that it makes you stop scrolling on social media to stare at it and maybe give it a like or comment.

In today’s world, it can feel like an impossible task to grab attention on social media, so you need something really effective to stop the scroll.

Here are a few key factors a scroll stopper needs to instantly pique your audience’s interest.

Knowing your audience

You could create the most arresting, attention-grabbing advertisement or social media post that will stop any scroller in their tracks, but it won’t appeal to your audience if they don’t identify with it. Make sure you have a clear, direct message intended for your audience before you start planning your ad.


If you want to grab attention, you need a seriously good headline. Nobody is going to stop scrolling to read the details if your headline doesn’t immediately speak to them. Effective headlines are short and to the point. You want your headline to encourage the reader to pay attention.


Just like your headline, you want your copy to be focused on the message you want to share. If you’re running a special offer, make sure that’s immediately apparent. If you’re advertising a new product, highlight the benefits your audience would respond to.


Imagery is a fantastic way of instantaneously drawing somebody in. Shocking pictures, big bold letters, and intriguing videos are all fantastic ways to stop the scroll. Bright colors are also important, as well as paying attention to dark mode on websites such as Facebook/Instagram.

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