Micro Goals are the Key to Success

by | Jun 28, 2021

It is very common it is for many business owners to feel overwhelmed by their own goals. While dreaming big is certainly a positive way forward, the process of realizing those dreams can be incredibly overwhelming. We all know that breaking the large goal into smaller, easily achievable steps will make it far less intimidating. That’s why breaking it up into smaller tasks is the way forward.

Here are some tips and accountability to keep you on track.

Recognize your main goal

Goals can seem obvious at first, but until you write them down, and really look at them, it’s difficult to understand the scope of what you want to achieve. For example, let’s say you want to run a 5K.  You’re not going to just go out there one day, drop the donuts and do it. That’s why there are programs like, ‘Couch to 5K’, where you work on the goal through the various steps and preparations to get there. The same thing goes with business. You’re not going to start your business and jump to $100K in sales right off the bat.

Establish every step that will get you there

For the 5K Race goal… what do you need?

  • Determine where you are starting from… you need to know where you are before you know where you’re going
  • Sign up for the race
  • Buy running shoes and reflective gear
  • Map out your running path
  • Start small: walk a few days/week to get yourself ready to move
  • Get an accountability buddy
  • Etc… Etc… You get the idea…

Turn those steps into micro-goals

Once you have recognized each step, it’s time to create micro-goals. For example, the first micro goal is to get off the couch and go for a 5 minute jog. The next goal is to turn that into a 10-minute jog.

Set a timeline for each micro goal

Once you have established your micro-goals, you can set a timeline for each one. Even if some goals are very easily achieved, holding yourself to a timeline is important for avoiding procrastination and overwhelm.

Factor in breathing space

It is very important to make time for breathing space between each micro goal. A common mistake to make when setting micro-goals is to try and pack as many steps into every moment. Back to the 5K example, you don’t want to push yourself too hard and ending up injured before the 5K run. Rest and recovery are important for your physical body and for your business.

Life is a journey, not a race. Enjoy the moment, be proud. Don’t forget to celebrate the wins with some positive encouragement and self-talk.

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