Avoid These Mobile Design Mistakes on Your Website

by | Jun 14, 2021

Mobile optimized design is crucial nowadays because… yep… you guessed it… everyone is on their phones. A huge number of people browse websites on their mobile devices and optimizing your website for mobile shouldn’t be an afterthought, but a main part of the design process. If you do not optimize your website for mobile phones and tablets, this can result in a lost visitor.

We are going to review a few of the most common mistakes businesses make when optimizing their websites for mobile.

One design does not fit all

While a design and layout might look fantastic on a desktop screen, simply squishing it down to a mobile format doesn’t mean it will work. A good mobile-optimized design will take important visual elements from the desktop design while cutting back on unnecessary ones.

Overcomplicated menus

Navigation is crucial on a mobile device because it needs to be used with a literal touch of the finger. It’s important to remember the user doesn’t have the dexterity of a mouse click, or a large screen to scroll through details.

Button size

Again, think of fingers instead of mouse clicks when it comes to all things mobile optimization. One mistake is not adjusting button sizes to accommodate a finger tap. Considering a button is one of the most important elements on your website, it’s vital to make sure the user is not left trying to tap a tiny, barely responsive button.

Elements too close together

Space is crucial between touch targets so that the wrong element isn’t tapped when a user tries to interact with them.

Using oversized images

It’s important to optimize images and avoid using large file sizes as this results in a slow load time.

No testing

Testing is vital to ensuring a mobile-optimized website is running smoothly. It’s often a step that is completed too hastily.

Do you need help optimizing your website for mobile?

We can help you ensure that your current site is optimized for mobile or create a new site for you.

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