Build Your Brand by Sharing Knowledge

by | May 10, 2021

Many business owners are reluctant to share knowledge because they are afraid they’ll lose business by doing so.

The most common response I get is, “Why am I going to give away content for free when I can charge for it?”. The reason is that if someone sees how much you are giving away for free, they are going to wonder how much more value you have in your paid offers. It is extremely powerful to share your knowledge. The simple process of taking knowledge and sharing it, can bring sales opportunities and build a stronger brand.

Here are a few ways that you can share your knowledge, position yourself as the content/product expert, and grow your business.

YouTube Videos

If you search for a plumbing problem, you’ll often find multiple plumbers who answer this question in a very simple and easy-to-understand manner. They aren’t “selling” on the platform, they’re establishing their expertise. Yet, they do still have their contact information available in case someone wants to call them.


Podcasts are a very popular medium for education, self-help, and shared interests. You can start a podcast for a relatively low fee per month. All they need is a microphone and a voice. Podcasts also allow you to share their personality, building trust with their audience. Even easier option… reach out to podcasters and ask to be a guest on their podcast.


Books are an easy way of establishing authority in a marketplace. It could be a short e-book or a full-length tome of knowledge. The various options include ebooks, printed books, and more. This can even be something you hand over to new prospects during a first meeting.

Digital Product (Lead Magnet)

Anyone can create a digital product. All you need to do is think about the type of problems that your audience suffers from. Digital products are quick and easy to create. Ideally, they’ll deliver value quickly, so that the customer gets an immediate return on their investment. I know you have downloaded many of these in exchange for your email address.


Creating a course is a time investment, but it can be an invaluable resource for your potential customers. It’s not a short process and there could be a mix of video, text, imagery, and audio. However, when a course is done well, a course is one of the best ways that you can share your knowledge. It could be the opportunity for you to create a revenue stream that is far beyond anything you’re currently doing in your business.

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