Use Your Branding To Tell A Story To Your Customers

by | Mar 29, 2021

Many readers will think branding is purely down to a logo and colors, but you can explain that branding runs through almost every aspect of a business’s identity.

Branding is in everything your customer experiences about your business. Logos, colors, copywriting, messaging, even down to their experiences with customer service.

Let’s take a deep dive into each of these branding elements.


This one might seem self-explanatory, but a company logo does much more than looking nice. A well-designed logo is created to specifically speak to that company’s target audience. Get the customer to feel a certain way and have a specific perception about the company.


Colors play a huge part in evoking particular emotions. Take a look at many pharmacy websites. The predominant colors are greens and blues and whites. This color combo reminds people of a medical setting. They are associated with capable doctors and medical experts who are going to make you feel better.

Copy (ie. text)

A lesser-known element in brand identity, copy, is still equally as important. Your brand needs to have a tone, and copy can enhance that tone where imagery cannot. Great brand copy reflects the rest of the branding elements and engages the target audience.


Photography and imagery play a crucial role in telling a story. A big mistake businesses make is to put a generic stock photo on their website that doesn’t match their brand. You see it a lot on accountants’ websites that feature a stock photo of a goldfish in a bowl while they’re talking about tax returns. Photos of you, your office, your clients, your products are so much more powerful than generic, emotionless stock photos.

Develop Your Brand and Get Your Business Online

Are you starting a new business or need a brand refresh?  Do you need help creating a visual brand for your business?  Do you want consistency in your branding, social media, and website?

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