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by | Mar 15, 2021

People love stories. Stories inspire us, fuel our imagination and invoke emotions. But what does that have to do with marketing?

Effective storytelling is a powerful tool for a business to have. Your blog is one obvious place you can use storytelling, as well as your bio, and your testimonials or case studies. I use stories when I do client consultations as it really helps clients to see what you have done for someone else as a way to see how you can help them.

Stories have the ability to create a connection between you and your customer. With a connection comes trust. Write an authentic story and your customers will want to keep coming back to you. Storytelling helps you to stand out from the competition.

Let’s go through some key elements that a great story needs.

Be relatable

The “main character” of your story needs to be somebody your customer can relate to. If you’re talking about yourself in the story, make sure your customers can relate to you. Know your audience so that your story specifically resonates with them.

Identify the problem

What problem or obstacle does the protagonist of your story face? Is this a problem your customers can identify with? Make sure your story includes their journey through the problem as they searched for the solution.

How was the problem solved?

How did your main character overcome the problem? What was the resolution? Does it match or reflect the solution your customer is looking for?

How I use storytelling in my business…

Social Media: I use storytelling in my client spotlights on social media. I explain how the client found me, what their problem was, how we discussed various solutions, and ultimately how I solved their problem. The use of storytelling is such a powerful way to convey information.

My Home Page: I use storytelling on my homepage to try to tell the story of a customer who is tired of dealing with technology, wants to pull their hair out, and needs to find someone they can trust. That is my audience and I want to tell them that I understand their pain, problems, and I can help.

How can you use storytelling in your business?

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