5 Ways to Add Personality to Your Website

by | Mar 5, 2021 | 0 comments

In this blog post, we’re looking at 5 ways to add personality to your website.  Yes, that’s me, just being myself and expressing my personality. I was on my way to a Christina Aguilera concert with my younger sister, Jenny, and we were excited and tried to see how many double chins we could get in one picture. Ridiculous and childish… yes, I’m aware and I don’t care. 

Part of my personal branding is authenticity. Yes, I like to make funny faces for pictures… Sure, I do serious ones too, but life’s too short to not try to have some fun. I hope you can see the different ways that I add my personality into my branding and my website. 

Website Copy

  • The copy on your website is the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality. Having a tone that matches who you are is vital for engaging your reader. If they can emotionally connect with the language you use on your website, they are more inclined to stay.
  • Think about the current copy on your website and how it reflects your personality. Is it warm and conversational? Energetic and fun? Serious and straightforward?


  • You can explore the benefits that good design has when it comes to expressing your personality in your business.
  • Does your branding showcase your personality and resonate with your audience? Does your website design express who you are? Does it match the tone of your website copy? Does the layout take the visitor on an enjoyable journey?

About page

  • Your about page is the perfect opportunity to share your personality with your audience. They can get to know the real you. Make sure to make your audience feel included in your story.
  • Share an image of yourself. Share your interests. Share your future

Customer support

  • A lot of businesses make the common mistake of treating their customer support as a separate entity to their brand tone and personality. Make sure the person the customer met on the About page is the one helping them.
  • Solve their problem, but don’t make them feel like they are a number.


  • When you market your business, it’s often the first thing that people experience your brand which leads them to your website.
  • Does your marketing and advertising reflect your brand’s personality? Are you communicating in a way that your audience resonates with? Do they feel sold to, or do they feel excited that you’re here to help? 

Website Design and Development

Whether you already have a website that needs to be revamped or you need a brand new website, I will walk you through the process with as much or little explanation as you would like. I will make building your new website a rewarding experience.