Why I Do What I Do… My Why

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Why am I here? What is my purpose? What do I enjoy doing? What am I naturally good at?

These are just a few questions and just a snippet of the self-reflective work that I embarked on when I decided to start my own business in January 2018. And at the same time… I had just left a long term relationship, moved into a new place (just me and my 13 year-old Beagle, Arlene), and I was considering moving to Asia or anywhere far away. I even went on my first solo trip (for 3 weeks… all the way to New Zealand and Australia). I considered not coming home… if it sounds crazy, it kinda was, but I love every part of that version of me and I’m eternally grateful for my bravery.

Arlene-and-Ashley Me and Arlene

Getting back to the questions…. Why am I here? What is my purpose? What do I enjoy doing? What am I naturally good at?

As my life was turned on its end, I needed to answer these questions to begin to rebuild and find myself, for maybe the first time ever.

Here goes nothing… I enjoy “techie” things, helping others, connecting with new people, working on my own schedule, having the independence to travel and experience my life (outside of a traditional 8-5 office job).

But that isn’t really a job… or is it?

Backpack Ready... Never Coming BackBackpack Ready… Never Coming Back

One day, while researching job opportunities I came across the title of virtual assistant. What is that, you ask? A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who provides support services to other businesses from a remote location. Bingo!! This was it! I was so excited to start my new business, build a website, and start marketing my services. But… I didn’t know how to build a website from scratch. Sure I had edited websites, developed new content, and reorganized pages and layouts, but I was scared and definitely doubted myself. So what did I do? I dove in headfirst. I researched and took courses in web design, hosting, domain management, and taught myself what I needed to know. I knew that I already had the communication and relationship-building skills, the ability to quickly learn technology, and the patience to help even the most frustrated person.

Fast forward to today and I know I am exactly where I am meant to be, because I’m there. I love learning new things, challenging myself, and being there for others. It really does excite me to customize things, bring ease and joy to others, and create beauty where it did not exist before. My passion for art/graphic design from childhood reignited within me (disclosure: I loved scrapbooking and making collages… I’d cut out pics and words from magazines and put them together to make things… Can you say web designer in the making?). The continual growth from learning coding/CSS/HTML will always be a challenge and something to continue pushing me for years to come.

I have also come to learn that there is a real need for little old me in this big world. I truly believe that each person has a combination of special gifts that they can share, they just need to remember what they are. I have a “non-techie” personality (no offense to techie people) and there is a need within the business community for contract technology help from people like me. I see you and will treat you like a human being without judgment and I will treat your business like it is my own.

If you decide to work with me, I will not only provide the technology support to solve your business problems, but the communication and human support that everyone requires.


Ashley Spread WingsMe… Spreading My Wings and Living My Best Life

I love to connect with different people, help solve problems, use technology to the fullest, and make people’s lives easier. These innate qualities are what have helped make my business a success. Soul searching and needing a big life change are what I owe my business to, what I owe my life to, and what I continue to do every day. The work of life never ends. We will all continue to grow and evolve. I hope to do so with you and your business… or not, whatever works for you.

Breathe and Delegate.


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At Breathe and Delegate, we provide professional services for small business owners, and we always take the time to make it personal.  I see myself as part of your business, sharing in the wins, struggles, and I’m a great “pseudo” therapist more times than you’d think.

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