Does Your Website Need a Privacy Policy?

by | Feb 17, 2020

Does your website have a privacy policy?  Do you know what a privacy policy is?  Does your site need a privacy policy?  No need to panic, BUT…

Did you know …. Any site that collects as little as an email address on a contact form should have a Privacy Policy!

You’ve probably received quite a few emails recently of companies notifying you that they updated their Privacy Policy (new laws for California went into effect as of January 2020). Data privacy is becoming a very big deal, and because of that, I’ve been doing some research and think you should consider not only getting a Privacy Policy but also having a strategy to keep it up to date.

What is data privacy and why does your business need to be concerned?

Several privacy laws are now in place to protect the personal information of citizens of certain states with fines that can reach $2,500-$7,500 per website visitor. Nearly a dozen states have also proposed their own unique privacy bills, some of which will allow its citizens to sue businesses for having a contact form without a compliant, up to date Privacy Policy. These states make note that businesses of any size and any location will have to comply, which is why I wanted you to be aware of what’s going on.

I am not a lawyer, so for all of my clients and my own site, I outsource the legality of writing the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, End User License Agreements, and Disclaimer needs.  The company I use (Termageddon) provides updates to your privacy policy for you, so that when a new law changes, your privacy policy is always compliant.  At only $10/month or ($99/year with annual prepayment), you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have a privacy lawsuit coming your way.

I even put Termageddon’s policies on my own website:

I know this is one more thing to deal with, but that’s why I am here! I am happy to set this up for you, create new webpages, embed the codes, customize the cookie banner pop-ups, manage updates, and take this off your plate… or you can set it up yourself (and leave my number on speed-dial).  Contact me at for more information and I can help you determine if you need a privacy policy or other website policies.

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