Should You Build Your Own Website or Have a Web Designer Do It?

by | Dec 9, 2019

As I web designer, I get this question a lot.  Why should I pay you to make me a website, when I can do it myself with an online program such as WIx, Weebly, or SquareSpace?

It boils down to the following 4 resources

  1. Time
  2. Technical Knowledge (or your interest to learn to code/learn a new program—see #1. Time)
  3. Design Skills (or your willingness to learn design— see #1. Time)
  4. Money

Time + Design Skills + Tech Skills + Money = Website

Most people lack one or more of these 4 resources and are not willing to use their time to learn design skills or tech skills.

Often time, many people focus on money and how much something costs, which doesn’t focus on the bigger picture.  Money is actually the most flexible option because your time is finite and what you choose to do with your time is finite.

I’m happy to discuss website design and development with you for your new business, updating your current/outdated website, or maintaining and servicing your current website.

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